Safety Toolkit

Safety toolkits are a collection of resources designed to help individuals and organizations promote safety and prevent accidents, injuries, and other hazardous incidents. These toolkits may include checklists, training materials, emergency response plans, registers, inspection forms and other resources to support a culture of safety in various settings such as homes, workplaces, schools, and public spaces. By providing access to these toolkits, websites can help their visitors stay informed and prepared to handle potential safety risks.


Safety forms are documents designed to collect and organize information related to safety concerns or incidents. These forms can help individuals and organizations document incidents, assess risks, and develop strategies for preventing future incidents. Examples of safety forms may include incident reports, hazard assessments, and safety checklists. By providing access to these forms on our website, visitors can easily access these documents and take proactive steps to improve safety in their environments.

Well Control Form, Acronyms & Formulas.pdfKNOWER Communication Matrix.xlsxKNOWER Daily Security Inspection.docxKNOWER Electrical Safety Audit check list.docxKNOWER Inspection Schedule.xlsxKNOWER MOC Request Form.docxKNOWER Non Conformance and corrective action form.pdfKNOWER Risk Assessment (Activity Base).docxKNOWER Risk Assessment (Hazard Base).docxKNOWER Self Inspection Form.xlsxKNOWER Training Matrix.xlsxKNOWER Training Plan.xlsx


Safety registers are records used to keep track of safety-related information, such as hazards, incidents, and safety procedures. These registers are often used by organizations to maintain a comprehensive record of safety-related activities and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Examples of safety registers may include equipment registers, chemical registers, and injury registers. By providing access to these registers on our website, visitors can easily review safety information and ensure that they are following appropriate safety protocols.

KNOWER 3rd Party Inspection register.xlsxKNOWER Corrective action Tracking Register.xlsxKNOWER Hazard & Risk Register.xlsxKNOWER Induction Register.xlsxKNOWER LOTO Register.xlsxKNOWER PTW Record Register.xlsxKNOWER STOP Cards Register.xlsxKNOWER Temporary Pipework Register.xlsx


Safety reports are documents that provide detailed information about safety KPIs, accidents, and near-misses that occur within an organization. They are used to identify and analyze the causes of safety incidents, evaluate the effectiveness of existing safety measures, and recommend improvements to prevent future incidents.

KNOWER Daily Report.xlsxKNOWER EMR (March-2023).xlsxKNOWER Monthly KPI Report (2023).xlsxKNOWER Monthly Proactive KPI (2023).xlsx

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