Equipment inspections and testing are a key component for a safe operation in any organization, Inspections and Testing are a key monitoring technique to ensure continued safe equipment use. An inspection is a formal, structured examination of the physical working equipment and the tasks performed by equipment. The purpose of the inspection is to identify any fault that are not controlled to a particular standard and eliminate or control them.

At KNOWER, our team of technical consultants have the skills and expertise to carry out comprehensive Inspections and testing in order to ensure the safety of your equipment, staff, premises, business processes and procedures are compliant with Health, Safety & Environment Protection laws. Our technical consultants maintain the highest safety standards to ensure your workplace environment is compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. Through thorough equipment inspection and testing, our risk-based approach helps clients identify and rectify problem of equipment where possible. Our professional team will work with you to specifically identify any potential equipment issues as well as provide advice on how these may be addressed, ensuring you remain compliant going forward.

Equipment inspection and testing from KNOWER provide customers with reliable, expert inspection services from a team of professionals. Following the inspection, a detailed inspection report will be provided to identity actions to eliminate/control the hazards, and actions to be taken. Let us be your partner in ensuring the technical needs of your business are met today!

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