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KNOWER International stands as a leading provider of comprehensive safety solutions, offering a diverse range of services to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. Specializing in Training, Safety Equipment, Inspection & Testing, ISO Certifications, and Risk Assessments, KNOWER International is dedicated to fostering a secure and compliant environment.

Our training programs cover various aspects of safety, providing individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and mitigate potential risks. In addition, we offer cutting-edge safety equipment to enhance workplace safety measures.

Our expertise extends to the meticulous inspection and testing of equipment, ensuring compliance with industry standards. We also provide ISO certifications, emphasizing our commitment to quality management systems. Furthermore, our risk assessments aim to identify and address potential hazards, contributing to proactive risk management.

At KNOWER International, we strive to be a holistic safety partner, empowering businesses and individuals to prioritize safety and well-being. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and compliance, KNOWER International continues to be a trusted resource in the realm of safety solutions.

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Our Services

The scope of our services includes many activities, supporting all industry sectors and covering but not limited to O&G, Constructions, factories, and fleet management companies. 



We offer a range of training programs and courses designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations alike. Whether you’re looking to upskill your team or simply learn something new.

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

We understand that safety is of the utmost importance in any workplace. Our comprehensive range of safety equipment includes everything from approved personal protective equipment (PPE).

HSE Inspection & Audit

HSE Inspection & Audit

Our team of HSE consultants have the skills and expertise to carry out comprehensive HSE Inspections and Audits in order to ensure the safety of your staff, premises, business processes.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

KNOWER is a leading provider of site risk assessment services for businesses and organizations across industries. Our experts are highly experienced in Risk Assessment Process.

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Building HSE management system as per ISO standard, developing and auditing management systems in compliance with: EMS ISO 14001 & OH&S– OSHAS 18001/ ISO 45001.

Equipment Inspection & Testing

Equipment Inspection & Testing

At KNOWER we committed to providing our clients with high-quality and reliable inspection and testing services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.





KNOWER define the goal for a project, develop a timeline, break down into smaller steps, identify resources, establish metrics, develop contingency plan and assign accountability.



By following first step, KNOWER monitor progress against the plan, communicate updates to stakeholders, and make adjustments as needed. By following these steps, KNOWER can effectively manage the working phase, mitigate risks and ensure successful project completion.



To ensure quality at KNOWER, testing is crucial step. Regular testing throughout the product or service development process can help to identify and resolve issues early on, ensuring that the final product or service meets quality standards and customer needs. By prioritizing testing as a critical part of the development process, KNOWER can improve product or service quality and enhance overall customer satisfaction.



To ensure business success, KNOWER prioritize quality deliver by assessing customer needs, defining service levels, optimizing deliver, tracking and monitoring, establishing clear communication, and continuous improvement, which ultimately enhance customer satisfaction and improve brand reputation.




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